STVA Group joins Groupe CAT

STVA Group joins Groupe CAT

The STVA takeover is the latest in a run of European acquisitions Groupe CAT has made over the last seven years, including those of Trial, Toquero, Fleetpoint, VSE, Sintax and CVT. However, STVA is the largest acquisition the company has made in terms of turnover, workforce and integrated assets.

Groupe CAT is now one of the largest finished vehicle transport providers in terms of size and scope of operations, and the purchase of STVA gives it rail assets it did not have, in the form of 2,600 rail cars. The deal makes Groupe CAT one of Europe’s largest bimodal finished vehicle logistics fleet owners.

Along with the rail cars Groupe CAT will inherit from STVA come 31 vehicle logistics compounds, a fleet of 725 car carrying trucks and 2,000 employees. That leaves Groupe CAT with a fleet of 1,700 trucks and 2,600 rail wagons, 96 vehicle logistics compounds and more than 8,000 employees.

Alejandro Forbes, CEO of Groupe CAT, said the latest acquisition would improve the company’s competitiveness by optimizing and pooling resources, along with volumes and best practices.

Groupe CAT delivered over 5m vehicles and 766,000 tons of spare parts and components in 2016. Its turnover last year was €1.2 billion. STVA, meanwhile moved 2.8m new and used vehicles.

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